Fuji Introduces New ‘O’ Concept Guides

Fuji set the benchmark in fishing rod components and if you haven’t got Fuji components on your rod, it simply will not stand the test of time. While other companies play catch-up, Fuji’s expertise and investment in R&D continually produces the highest quality components available.

The guide is one of the most important aspects of your fishing rod. The LN and MN ‘New Guide’ Concept frames feature Fuji’s new proprietary “Deep-Pressed” Frame technology which produces 360-degree protection against the bumps and dings that cause lesser guides to fail. Traditionally only available on more expensive components, Fuji have now introduced ‘O’ Concept Guides by combining deep pressed guides with their largest selling ring, the ‘O’ ring, making this high end technology available to everyone at any price point.

Conventional frame construction supports the ring at one point on the frame, so the ring is dependent on the frame thickness for strength. The new concept deep-pressed frame secures a ring on a thinner frame by use of a redesigned construction resulting in more than one contact point around the frame. This design reduces draw, twist and bend and saves weight through its lightness resulting in a more responsive rod. 

Fuji developed this process as part of the new Guide Concept as an improvement over the traditional technique for securing rings to frames as they researched ways to protect the ring and provide a more secure hold. Deep-pressing answered their needs. It protects the entire outside edge of the ring, but also enables a full epoxy seal around the ring resulting in more surface area contact and a more secure hold.

Many companies may offer ‘locked’ rings, but FUJI invented, refined and perfected this technique to become the strongest possible. That’s why Fuji is the No 1 used and trusted brand on the market and everyone else is just following the leader.

To download the pdf click Fuji “O” Concept Download