Fuji K Series Patent

Fuji Kogyo Company LTD Patent Registered Australia “K” Guide – Anti Tangle Guide

Patent No: Au2013203023 B2

Fuji Kogyo Company LTD (Fuji) wishes to advise that it holds registered patent No Au 2013203023 B2 in respect of it “K “ Anti Tangle guide system.
This patent extends to


Fuji is concerned that rod builders, manufacturers and distributors may knowingly or unknowingly be using guides which infringe Fuji’s patent and intellectual property.

Fuji wishes it to be made known that it will be taking action against all patent infringers in Australia in respect to legally held patent to protect its interests.

A copy of the summary of the Patent Summary is attached for your reference.

AU 2013203023 B2 Patent summary

Fuji Kogyo Company Ltd

By its duly authorised agent

Frogleys Offshore

6 Piper Dr

Ballina NSW 2478